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Empowering professionals to break through any adversity, live life deeply within their passion, and finally achieve their biggest goals.


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About Jacquelle

Jacquelle Horton is an award-winning entrepreneur and product professional with a passion for guiding others to push through their toughest challenges, achieve their wildest dreams, and live life in their passion.


Jacquelle has spent over 16 years innovating as a technology leader, spending 7.5 years at Google, with 5 years at YouTube driving product development for YouTube creators and artists, responsible for shaping some of the most beloved creator monetization and analytics features. She spearheaded the vision and growth for products that she grew to over 1 billion users in 3 years alone. 


She is also the Founder & CEO of Fave, a social platform dedicated to passionate fans, where Jacquelle's celebrated vision and execution won her 2020 "Startup of the Year", $2.2M seed round in funding from top VCs and music companies that own the largest fandoms in the world - the most funding ever raised in entertainment by a black woman.


Among her wins is being recognized as the CEO of one of the World's Most Innovative Companies of 2022, named by Fast Company, and the esteemed Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Jacquelle has also been named Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs in the World, Top 50 Women Product Managers, among more. She resides in Switzerland with her husband and young two daughters, who are a constant source of motivation and inspiration for her work.

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Inspire and uplift your audience

Jacquelle is a dynamic and engaging keynote speaker, equally at ease addressing thousands at a major conference or working with small teams. Her talks on innovation from 0 to scale, breaking glass ceilings despite being underestimated, making your passion your life's work, using motherhood as your superpower to thrive in your career, and more leave audiences feeling inspired and empowered to take on the world. With a calm yet exciting tone, Jacquelle's energy is infectious, and she delivers inspiring takeaways that motivate and transform mindsets. Whether you're looking to motivate a team, energize an audience, or inspire your organization, Jacquelle's speaking services can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Demystify your path to success


Jacquelle has pushed through a number of challenges to rise in her career consistently, breaking multiple glass ceilings & walls along the way. She's made rare moves such as transitioning from business to product, leading product vision despite being non-technical, and surpassing a number of records as an entrepreneur despite being underestimated. Now, she's deeply passionate about helping more professionals accomplish their own goals - from tackling specific challenges to ongoing career coaching. Share your needs, your end goals, and you'll have clear step-by-step strategy tailored to you to have you at last accomplish your goals, together, with a cheerleader, mentor, and confidant by your side every step of the way.

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Nail the specifics to outperform


After almost two decades of innovating at the cutting-edge of technology at the biggest and most recognized companies creating some of the most beloved products at each, Jacquelle can deeply advise on the nuances of the most complex topics across technology, including Artificial Intelligence, Product Management & Leadership, growing a product from scratch to scale, data analytics, buy vs build, company culture, the music and entertainment industries, fandom, predictive and contextual intelligence, user experience research and talking to your customers, and more. After sharing your needs, a custom strategy will be developed with clear goals and outcomes.

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Reach influential thought leaders


Jacquelle runs multiple communities containing top technology professionals with an incredibly wide and warm network of C-Suite, FAANG, and high-ranking leaders. She provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and sharing of knowledge across the most influencer decision-makers in business. Work with Jacquelle to elevate your brand's awareness across this powerful group authentically, leveraging Jacquelle's influence and connect with this exclusive group of professionals, and positioning your brand strongly among industry experts, budding professionals, and more ripely looking for key solutions to their problems.

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